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The Forge Project
Cottage Beck Road
North Lincolnshire
DN16 1UB

Telephone: 01724 276742

day centre sessions

We open the doors of our Day Centre four mornings a week at 9.30 a.m. welcoming people off the streets. The first thing that you need when you’ve spent the night on the streets is somewhere to warm up and feel safe; a hot drink, something to eat, some toiletries so that you can have a wash, a dry pair of socks, access to a phone or computer so you can register for benefits and re-housing, advice about what to do next or just someone to talk to, who won’t judge you! Our Day Centre sessions provide all this and more, giving homeless people new hope that they can get their lives back on track.

Our staff and volunteers ensure that we speak to everyone who comes to the Centre each day and encourage people to do things to improve their lives. The Project Workers ensure that people get accurate information about their options and help to move forward. They are also given help with CV preparation, access to training opportunities and help with job searches.

During Day Centre sessions, our advice service aims to prevent people becoming homeless, and when this has already happened, to get them into new homes as quickly as possible. We help with everything from benefit and debt problems to issues relating to drugs, alcohol and mental health. All of these, if unresolved, can lead to a cycle of homelessness.

Eastern European Migrants

EE citizens can legally come to the UK for work but things often go wrong. They cannot find work or anywhere to live and they find themselves destitute and unable to claim benefits and so end up on the streets, sleeping rough. Sometimes they do find jobs but the work is intermittent, through agencies. This can lead to a cycle of getting accommodation and then finding themselves without money to sustain that accommodation when work runs out.

The Forge Project Football Team

football team

Established in 2014 the Forge Project football team attend several seven a side football tournaments during the football season. They practice every Tuesday evening whatever the weather and have been very successful when participating in the football events. In June 2015 the Forge Project football team won the Empower Cup 6 a side football tournament.

day centre sessions